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woman with long hair and scalp micropigmentation hairline tattoo

Kat and Gio’s professionalism and attention to detail truly stood out, making every interaction not just a service but an experience that significantly impacted my confidence. Their expertise not only brought back my confidence but also made me feel valued as a customer.

Kat and Gio's dedication to understanding my preferences, explaining every step thoroughly, and ensuring an outstanding result is commendable. Their commitment to providing the best service possible is a testament to their professionalism and passion for their craft.

I must admit, the rapport and comfort I felt during my sessions made me wish I could have more frequent appointments. If only they were as available as a nail or hair salon, I'd be a regular customer without hesitation!

black woman over 50 with shaved head and scalp micropigmentation hair loss solution for women with alopecia

Gio and Kat are seasoned SMP artists and partners of the Scalp Shop. With an open mind, I wanted to learn about SMP without initially conducting research but to seek information directly from these experienced technicians. They patiently answered my questions with openness and grace and understanding of the vulnerability of hair loss. Innumerable “hair loss cures” were previously tried but with no success. Hair loss affects confidence and self-esteem in ways that I wasn’t fully aware of. Since positive SMP treatment, my confidence and vitality are back! I had not realized the extent that I had stopped smiling. I can continue to sing Gio and Kat’s praises but I wholeheartedly trust their experience. The Shop itself is warm and inviting with awesome music choices and celebration filling the space. You are ahead of the game if you already have tattoos- there were hours of ouch moments because I am tender-headed. But, after the first set, it was a breeze. It feels good to flow in confidence. Bravo to this team!


A STEP ABOVE THE REST! In a society based on carbon copies, gimmicks and fly by night businesses, The Scalp Shop is the definition of AUTHENTICITY.

Like many who are deciding to have a procedure done, I did my research. There are countless SMP clinics and practitioners in many of the major cities across the country. I found myself perusing websites, pictures and reviews, only to be left with a feeling of doubt and pessimism. I came across The Scalp Shop on YouTube while watching SMP client testimonial videos. It was the background of the shop in the preview thumbnail of the video that lead me to click. I was very much so pleased with the physical results in the video, but had seen other clinics that also had great finished results. However, it was the artistic value of the video and shop that caught my eye. The attention to detail and creativity that the video revealed of the shop and artist, Giovanni James, is what stood out to me. I say "artist" because that's what Giovanni is. I went with my gut in choosing The Scalp Shop and there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.

Giovanni and Kaiti took the time to get to me. To understand your client is often a step that's overlooked but yet so valuable. As we talked, all I could do is look around the shop and fall in love with the uniqueness of it. I never felt like I was walking into a doctors office or medical building. To some, maybe that's a good thing? But this isn't a life saving operation or organ transplant. This is cosmetic with the intention of making you look better and feel better. With that being said, being in a setting that showed Giovanni and Kaiti's  passion for what they do, their creativity and generally speaking, care, made me all the more comfortable and happy with the choice I made.

I could write for hours about The Scalp Shop but I'm sure if you're reading this, you want to know about the Xs and Os, the physical results. I couldn't be happier. I have one session left but in my opinion it's already perfect. To say the least, I have a sensitive head and one that tried its hardest to fight off the pigment. Giovanni never flustered or thought for a second we couldn't get the finished results we so discussed and desired. Someone who follows a script would derail when faced with someone who's head wasn't reacting to the norm or as it should. Giovanni simply changed the game plan, adjusted and kept working towards the goal. There's never a time clock, a sense of urgency, frustration or whatever have you regardless how many sessions you need or how long the session will last. People say "trust the process". But in this case, I didn't trust the process, I trusted the artist, I trusted Giovanni.

There will always be naysayers and those that are dissatisfied no matter what. Do not believe a negative word you read about this shop. I will back the shop, the work, and Giovanni James all day long.

You're doing yourself a disservice if The Scalp Shop doesn't get your utmost consideration.

man with smp scalp micropigmentation

I cannot say enough about how The Scalp Shop changed my life. So many SMP places have only one person working on your scalp. Gio and Kaiti are the dream team. They make you feel like family. They genuinely care about you. Both are so attentive to every detail. They customize your hairline meticulously until you are happy with the final product. I look at least ten years younger. My friends are stunned. I am not someone who hides the fact that I have had SMP done. My friends still cannot believe how real my hairline looks, even though they know it was a procedure I had done. Gio and Kaiti will work tireless to make sure nothing is imperfect. They play your favorite movie and/or playlist during the procedure. You are the only customer in the shop at the time in order to guarantee privacy and pure customer service.

I have tons of before and after pictures I can share with anyone who wants proof that they did a miraculous job on my scalp. When I was bald, I envied guys with full heads of hair. Thanks to Gio and Kaiti, I love the way I look now. I am confident and happy. They practically hold your hand every step of the way. The conversations we had during the treatment were so uplifting. They are truly kind-hearted people. I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend them. I have researched so many SMP places. They all seemed like assembly lines, just churning out one common template after another. The Scalp Shop refuses to treat you like everyone else. You have their undivided attention the entire time. If you are thinking of getting SMP, then do not wait a second longer. I regret waiting so long to finally get it done. Gio and Kaiti will always be in my life, mostly because they changed my life. Thank you! And thank you even more! You are artists. You are inspirations. I am such a happy customer.

man in his 20s with hairline tattoo

If you're considering SMP (Scalp Micro-pigmentation), be prepared to have your life change in the best way possible. I first learned about SMP when The Scalp Shop reached out to me on Instagram -- I had never heard of it, but after perusing their photos, I was immediately intrigued. I couldn't believe how SMP had completely transformed the way these guys looked. I had some hair loss towards my last years in college, and it wasn't a big deal to me, but it always felt like something I wish I could fix. Now, at age 29, had I come across a solution?

The Scalp Shop messaged me directly on Instagram and asked if I'd be interested in learning more, and I figured "why not?". The photos on their page looked fantastic, and I was definitely open to seeing if this would be a fit for me. When I went in, I tried their "Back to the Future" offering, where they do a simulation of what you'd look like with SMP. They use a solution that mimics the look of SMP, but it washes off at the end of the day. After I did the Back to the Future, I knew right then and there I wanted to get the full SMP procedure done. I had already done some preliminary research and literally found there was zero risk in doing it - it was just a matter of scheduling my first session and getting it started!

I've had three sessions so far and the results are phenomenal - I feel like I look how I SHOULD look. I feel more confident in my own skin and I get so excited every time I look in the mirror - I'm not kidding when I say I do double and even triple takes when I see myself because it's that unbelievable. Each session, for me, has been a few hours long, and it's always a pleasure going in. Gio and Kaiti are so hospitable and are seriously invested in making sure their clients are taken care of and happy with what they're getting. The shop itself is so warm and inviting, with great music/entertainment to keep you occupied during the sessions. I've still got one more session after the holidays to ensure my look is tailored and complete, and that's one thing I love about them - they will stop at nothing to make sure that I am COMPLETELY satisfied with my look.

For anyone considering this, I would say the following:
1) Go in for a consultation. You have nothing to lose. Do a Back to the Future and see how you'd look with SMP. I guarantee you once you see how it'd look, you're going to get it done.

2) Be aware this is a PROCESS. It will take more than one session to get the results you want. Your body is going to react to the pigments in your skin. It will take time for it to heal. This is normal. I know this because I am going through it. Follow their instructions. This process works.

3) You don't need to go in knowing exactly how you want to look. The beauty of working with Gio is that he has incredible experience and a wonderful eye when it comes to knowing what looks good. I didn't go in knowing how I wanted my hairline to look, and he gave me lots of options to choose from. With his help, I instantly knew the look that was best for me.

To wrap this up, I would just reiterate that if you are at all thinking this might be something you're interested in, definitely reach out to The Scalp Shop for more info -- I am confident in singing their praises because I am that happy with what they've done for me. There is nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing the "you" that you always wanted to see.

Kat and Gio of The Scalp Shop provide stellar work applying one of the least-known but most realistic forms of hair “replacement.” A thousand times more undetectable than any hair transplant and with no traumatic procedure to implement it, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is the wave of the future, and Kat and Gio are experts at it — and give great service! So fun to sit around their studio and chill.

bald man with scalp micropigmentation hair loss remedy
bald man over 50 with natural looking SMP hair tattoo

It was a wonderful experience for me. Besides the obvious successful SMP treatment, a large part of my happiness with this process has to do with how both of you took me in, worked with me, were responsive and understanding, and were so engaging. Both of you have such a wonderful way about you and its certainly noticeable how much pride and know how you have for this art. If anyone reading this is considering SMP treatment, please afford Gio and Kaiti the opportunity to earn your business and your trust. You will be very thankful. Anyway, thank you both so much for all that you have done for me. It has truly changed my life. It's been very empowering to say the least. See ya both soon, Tony : )

Scalp Micro Pigmentation New York result

I first heard about SMP from a buddy who came across the procedure on Instagram. After doing our research we came across the Scalp Shop and went in for a consultation. We met Kat and Gio and they were awesome people who you could tell just wanted to help people. It's been 30 days since my last session and I cant say enough about what it has done for my appearance and my confidence. I've had multiple people tell me I look younger (they don't know I had SMP done) and my wife loves it!! If you are a bald dude and sick of the shiny top give SMP consideration and give Scalp Shop your business. You will not be disappointed!!

David Before&After Front k 2021 no logo.

Kat and Gio are amazing to work with. They mix a beautiful balance between the science of SMP and artistic creativity. Their true passion for SMP and art background is what defines and separates their high quality of work from others. You are made to feel comfortable and truly part of the process during your journey with them. I'm very thankful for their knowledge, experience, and commitment to making me happy and satisfied. The energy at the Scalp Shop is filled with positive and vibrant vibes. I'm happy to say that Kat and Gio are great people and friends.


The main reason why I decided to get SMP was to reestablish my confidence that has dwindled over time. As more and more hair loss occurred during my first initial loss in my early teens. As a teenager it was impressive to have hair that your counterparts were envious about. So I made it my priority to have the waviest hair in the land. I used so many different types of wave creams to get the ultimate style that I craved. While getting out of the shower I noticed how dry my scalp was. My dry skin was literally eating away at my hair which ultimately ended up speeding up my male pattern baldness.

A routine haircut turned into my worst nightmare, a barber’s oversight resulted in a fungus that discolored my skin near the hairline. Not only was I dealing with a dry scalp but now I had to deal with Tenia Versicolor. It is an “untreatable” skin condition that affects millions of people, and get this - there’s no cure! (Allegedly).
I used all sorts of creams, from skin doctors who prescribed skin creams to regular moisturizers and nothing seemed to work. My summers were the worst time of the year for me as the fungus made my skin a discolored mess.
While receiving SMP treatment, Gio & Kat gave me their Scalp & Body Butter for my dry scalp. To be honest I was reluctant to take another skin cream, as I felt defeated from previous attempts. However after applying the skin cream which is hand made with no alcohol or no preservatives made by The Scalp Shop, I noticed a swift and vast change in my skin. The color in my skin came back with a vengeance. Could this cream be the cure to a condition which was “untreatable”? I calmed my nerves and waited a few days, I didn’t want to get too excited. I’ve seen creams cure my skin temporarily and after a few days Tenia Versicolor said hello time and time again.
This skin cream is a miracle! Not only did The Scalp Shop reinvent my confidence with SMP, they reinvented my skin health and hygiene with a condition that I battled with for a decade. I highly suggest their skin cream and will be passing along my experiences with others.

Steve bald tattoo smp scalp micro pigmen

I had been toying with the idea of SMP for quite some time (over a year).  After all, it's a big decision as it is semi-permanent (with significant cost to reverse). After some research I finally decided to take the next step and set up a meeting with another establishment in NYC that had a large online presence.  My initial consultation was extremely rushed and felt very impersonal. For me, as a person on the fence and needing to be convinced, this just didn't do it for me and I decided to go back to the drawing board.
Feeling a bit dissuaded, I continued to do some research online.  I stumbled across The Scalp Shop website and was blown away with the look and feel of the site itself.  Great before/after pics, video testimonials, FAQs, and just a really high-end aesthetic.  With that, I shot them an email and set up an in-person consultation. The correspondence was very professional, which was a good sign of things to come.

At the consultation I met the owners Gio and Kaiti, a husband/wife tandem team. These two have a really great working rapport and you can really tell they enjoy engaging with their clients.  I probably stayed at the consultation for about an hour and a half discussing everything from why I wanted it, what I thought I wanted to look like, specifics of the procedure, as well as background of how they got into this.  I walked out of the consultation feeling so comfortable and happy that it was only a matter of scheduling for me.
After some very cordial back and forth regarding timing and payment options, etc., I set up a date for the first session.  When I arrived, we took a long time discussing hairline options and overall look and feel.  Gio and Kaiti were incredibly receptive to my preferences and concerns and gave me constructive feedback based on their vast experience.  After some time of trial and error with overall design, we finally decided to start the process.  A few hours later, I could see the transformation - and was absolutely blown away.  Mind you, this is all after just one session.
My case required 5 sessions in total.  This was a bit more than we all expected initially, but Gio and Kaiti were awesome. From being flexible on timing of appointments, to really engaging to get it perfect, I can't speak enough about how professional these two are.  Hands down, some of the best client service I have ever experienced (being in a client service industry myself, this is much appreciated).
As for the results, they speak for themselves.  If I had to describe it, I'd put it like this - prior to getting the procedure done, my plan was to not really tell anyone what I did (either it'd go unnoticed or I'd make something up). After seeing the results and talking with Gio and Kaiti each session, I've gained such a boost of confidence and appreciation for their craft, I have been literally telling everyone I know.  "Can you believe this is a tattoo?!?" is a common phrase.
All in all - in a growing field that is gaining popularity, Gio and Kaiti are pioneers and true craftsmen - thank you for everything!

hair loss transformation smp new

I was nervous but Gio and Kat were cool and very professional. I absolutely love my results and I'm glad I chose The Scalp Shop!

man with gray thinning hair after getting Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss treatment

[In between Big Jim's SMP sessions, he was so happy he no longer had to use masking lotion to conceal his thinning hair and left a pretty sweet voice message. Press play to hear.]

Mens hair loss cure scalp micropigmentat

I am very happy for the excellent result, the truth is Gio is very professional and at the same time realistic artist of how one can look more natural, the experience was excellent, I recommend it 100%.

Dr. Frank Scalp Micro Pigmentation The S

Just wanted to say thank you @thescalpshop! You guys rock and it was a pleasure working with you! Thanks for hooking it up I love my new look!!

bald Black man with SMP hair loss solution

It changed my life. I had apprehensions about doing SMP but after meeting Gio and Kat I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The overall experience was great, a cool place and vibe and accommodating. I highly recommend doing SMP with them and the financing options worked seamlessly.

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