THE ART OF   scalp micro pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a process that inserts pigment into the scalp, emulating tiny hair follicles. This method restores lost hairlines, visually thickens thinning hair, and additionally camouflages scarring of all types. This is done with a machine specifically designed for cosmetic purposes, using micro needles that enter the scalp approximately two layers. 


This non-invasive procedure has risen in popularity and has become the #1 realistic solution for all forms of hair loss. It delivers the appearance of having a full head of hair that is simply shaved down or permanently cropped. With no additional maintenance, this procedure is highly sought after.

The Art of Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the passion of our skilled and incredibly detailed practitioners. At The Scalp Shop, we are trained and licensed to handle any stage of baldness. We are comprised of artists with a deep concern for the physical appearance and psychological affects of hair loss. No matter where you are on the Norwood Scale, our team can restore you to your rightful glory. 

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The Scalp Shop creates natural hair lines no matter your age, skin tone, or hair color. We have developed a preparatory process called Back to the Future to simulate exactly what you will look like before the procedure takes place. This game changer eliminates any anxiety regarding the outcome, and instills confidence in the process.


Pattern Baldness & Alopecia


Pattern baldness and alopecia can be brutal in an ever judgemental world. At The Scalp Shop, we understand the psychological trauma that thinning hair can cause. No matter how much hair you've lost, we can add the proper amount of density to give you a full, natural looking head of hair. 




The Scalp Shop can transition you into modernity. Hair transplants are old school, nevertheless they're still out there. We cannot cure keloids, however with a shaved down head, we can conceal those surgical scars with pigmented hair follicles to make them practically unnoticeable.  


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