We seem to hit the lottery with great clients. So much so, we typically become friends for life. With each encounter, we understand the magnitude of what it takes to open up about something as sensitive as hair loss. For this, we thank each and every person that has trusted us with their scalps. 

Some have chosen to keep their new "hair growth" a secret, while others have felt compelled to share. Take a look at what some of our clients - turned - friends have to say about their experiences below.

A STEP ABOVE THE REST! In a society based on carbon copies, gimmicks and fly by night businesses, The Scalp Shop is the definition of AUTHENTICITY. 

Like many who are deciding to have a procedure done, I did my research. There are countless SMP clinics and practitioners in many of the major cities across the country. I found myself perusing websites, pictures and reviews, only to be left with a feeling of doubt and pessimism. I came across The Scalp Shop on YouTube while watching SMP client testimonial videos. It was the background of the shop in the preview thumbnail of the video that lead me to click. I was very much so pleased with the physical results in the video, but had seen other clinics that also had great finished results. However, it was the artistic value of the video and shop that caught my eye. The attention to detail and creativity that the video revealed of the shop and artist, Giovanni James, is what stood out to me. I say "artist" because that's what Giovanni is. I went with my gut in choosing The Scalp Shop and there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice. 

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The Scalp Shop creates natural hair lines no matter your age, skin tone, or hair color. We have developed a preparatory process called Back to the Future to simulate exactly what you will look like before the procedure takes place. This game changer eliminates any anxiety regarding the outcome, and instills confidence in the process.


Pattern Baldness & Alopecia


Pattern baldness and alopecia can be brutal in an ever judgemental world. At The Scalp Shop, we understand the psychological trauma that thinning hair can cause. No matter how much hair you've lost, we can add the proper amount of density to give you a full, natural looking head of hair. 




The Scalp Shop can transition you into modernity. Hair transplants are old school, nevertheless they're still out there. We cannot cure keloids, however with a shaved down head, we can conceal those surgical scars with pigmented hair follicles to make them practically unnoticeable.  


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